Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

4th Hour

One Day
By McKenzie Nix

Maybe one day time will stop,

Or the world changes completely,

Or maybe we have endless time,

And the world will stay the same,

One day our lives could change

Completely, or they could stay

The same; Live and love life,

Because maybe one day it won’t

Be like today.


Volleyball Tournaments
by Victoria Johnson


Time to wake up

sun yet to be visible

first game is at 7.

Pack your bag;

pair of shoes

knee pads, don’t forget

your jersey.

I’m ready to play.

Get warmed up.

Let the adrenaline

kick in. Whistle blows.

“Captains?” Who will serve first?

They serve.

Perfect pass, setter

sets. I fly through

the air contacting

the ball and swinging fast

to get the kill. A whole day

of this.


Waking  Up
by Wyatt Johnstun

The slow transition

to consciousness

lay at rest

until your stomach stirs

you out.

smell the eggs

over the fire

in the middle of the wilderness.


What I Like
by Macy Peters

Hearing the hum of the boat engine

and the splashing

of the waves

while you’re gripping onto

the handles of the tube

or else you’ll fall off.  When you do

fall off, laughing

so hard that your muscles go weak and

you can’t pull yourself

back up. Tasting the cold lake

water in your mouth. Smelling

the lake water and the smell

of the boat engine. People on the boat

laughing at you as they drive

the boat back to get you.


On the Mound
by Gabe Carlson


On a field, so fine

chalked white ready to go

step on that so

familiar mound

begin my windup

just like a machine

over and over

again and again

pause for a moment

begin to uncoil

red stitches fly

destined for the leather

like a sharp knife

a white blur

cuts the corner.


This Moment
by Camryn Hagen


Lake of the Woods

at noon

everyone gets into their boats

and takes off.

Sunshine and placid water

are all you need

for a day at the lake.

Birds flying, pelicans laying.

Restaurants get ready

for a busy afternoon.


This Moment
by Jordan Wyer


Grandma’s kitchen.

It smells of leftover dinner

and Christmas treats.

Hugs are given

and good-byes are said.

Jada runs to the glass


forgets its closed.

She’ll laugh later.

We all will.


by Jordan Wyer


Choose an adventure

it doesn’t matter which

Visit Harry Potter

watch him catch the snitch.

Beware of Lord of the Rings

Gandoff and Boromir die.

It is a sad story

they leave the survivor to cry.

Feel the paper brush your skin.

Close it for the night.

Visit the heroes tomorrow

watch them make it right.


This Moment
by Levi Gumeringer


The sun is setting behind me

I sit on the coolie

waiting for something to stir.

Gun loaded in hand


Then a coyote runs past

I hurry to raise my gun.

It stops.

I aim the scope at it, right above and behind the front leg.

I pull the trigger.

This moment.


This Moment
Kendra Jolicoeur

In this moment, it was captured by my smile

your giggle, and scrunched up nose

and this is our happiness.


The red fluff blanket wrapped around me

the Polaroid film captured us together

your arms holding me and my pink cheeks

in this moment

this is us

this is love.


by Dylan Maki

Joyful laughter followed by the ding of a car door

rattling of the keys and then the hum of the engine.

Radio blaring with red faces from singing too loud.

The soft twinkle of the stars above us

as we cruise down a long smooth road

the warmth from the heater

as we try to heat our cold blue fingers.

Not a moment of silence as red turns to green.


Taking a Walk at Midnight
by Liam Constante


Taking a walk at midnight

down a worn out path

it leads to nowhere

for me it leads to peace.

The crunch of dry leaves

the chirp of small crickets

the music I listen to

as I walk down the old

path that leads to nowhere.


The Beautiful Violet Sky
by Liam Constante


The beautiful violet sky

is starting to go dull.


The warm breeze of a day

becomes bitter and stone cold.


Things take a sharp turn

when someone special

leaves your perfect life.


My Truck
by Micah Krahn


Clean white Chevy

Smell of black ice

My own mobile home

My private studio

The Boss cruising through my bones

Drake’s soothing words make me forget.

The roar of the engine.

Taking me anywhere I want.


4th Down
by Jonah Provance


Its fourth down

Fourth and Ten.

Not going to risk it.

Coach calls out for the punt team.

That’s me.

I run to coach and my teammates.

We get in position.

My hands are sweaty and shaking.

I pound my chest and helmet


I get ready to run.

Heart is on fire, mind is on ice.

I want blood.


The center snaps the ball

I charge

I run past my blocker

I hear nothing

I feel nothing

I see red.

The Warrior catches the ball. I hit him.


This Moment
by Karina Fredrickson

An overcast sky

overly gray.


A single girl

in red rain boots

splashes into a puddle

right off the sidewalk.


Raindrops racing down from the sky and down

the girl’s baby blue umbrella.


The curls of her long

brunette hair are stretched

to the limits before

they will bounce back.


by Jon C.


We saved all spring

for a trip to nowhere

and everywhere.

Just my dad and me

as at the start

of summer we could

hop in his old blue

pick up truck and leave.

It was a warm

sunny day. Lawns

were fresh cut and smelled new.

The truck rumbling along

the highway to here

to eat some food

to there to sit in the shade.

We traveled all day, town to town

just to see places.

We stayed in a cool hotel room

with soft blankets.

The next day we headed out again

without a goal

just going with the wind.


Running in the Woods
by Ellie Nelson


Your footsteps pounding against the hardened soil

the fresh scent of pine needles, the feel

of the noisy needles cracking under your feet.

The quick beats of your heart humming along

to the sound of birds bringing food to their young.

The air full of plants and animals living along the trail.

Iridescent sunlight peaking through the trees, as f to say

hello. Trickling water coming from a nearby lake.

The trail becomes your home, which you never sigh to leave.

It slowly nestles its way into your heart.



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