Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

3rd Hour, May 3, 2016

This Moment
by Mya Hough


I was waiting for it.

The clock was ticking down

and my teammates hands were clenched.

We were only up by so many points.

I could picture the moment.

This is the moment we worked for.

This is the moment we dreamed about.

This is the moment we’ve earned.

Thinking two seconds left.

Then its the moment,

this moment.

The team running onto the court.

Dog-pile was the plan

but only if we earned the moment.

And we definitely did.

Fans go crazy

cheering clapping.

Proud parents.

Crying and smiling from ear to ear.

Our fans earned this moment,

this moment.

The humorous pictures

the big, tight hugs

the aching headaches from celebrating

the family,

the friends,

the coaches,

the team.

All in this moment.

And I still thank God for moments like this.



My Favorite Place
by Brooke Reed

When you open the door

you get that dusty air

the rugged furniture

with soft fuzzy blankets

next to the fireplace

so hot it melts your imagination.

Sunrise. Sundown.

Yes, I’m at the window

piece by piece

the cardboard puzzle comes

together–is what we all love

no personal boundaries

just bonding between friends

and family–most important

back out to the deerstand

in the cold crisp air

the white and yellow moon

shinning its light

the darkness creates pictures

is that a bear I see?

Maybe I’m scared.

Sun rises again, I see my target

BAM gunshot powder in the air

and eerie silence follows.

Trudging back to the smell

of rich, freshly brewed coffee

and the pancake bacon aroma

surrounds me.

There is no place like mine.

Yes, I’m at my cabin.


This Moment
by Houston O’Leary

Fourwheeler is blowing black smoke.

It got tipped over

went too fast

yellow sun is too bright

my face red with blood

covered in dense soil

wheels still spinning

wet grass in my mouth

the roar of a Kowasaki 250

coming this way

huge bloody gash

in my head

so filled with adrenaline

I can’t feel a thing

my vision blurs

then corrects itself

smells like

the inside of a burning factory.


by Houston O’Leary

The word straw is meaningful yet calm. When I was young it was the early bird gets the worm and if you weren’t in that truck at 5:30 a.m. you got a lickin’. First thing to do was clean out the horses stall and replace the straw that they had been using. Why does that stick in my head? Still today I look forward to it for some meaningful reason. The horses when they saw me coming knew they were getting a new bed and some sugar cubes which I also enjoyed with them. Once I let them back in their stall they would prance around a bit, you know, find the right motion, then plop right down. It almost felt like, hey this is his room. I need to tidy this place up for him.


This Moment
by Jada-Beth Holland

Sitting in the warm car

at black midnight

we’re talking

about love, about night

about everything in between.

we are eating soft donuts.

the gravel road and bright stars

are overwhelming.


The sound of crickets and frogs

add to our conversation.

Its like they know us too well.


Best friends

gravel road




This Moment
by Jenna Byfuglien

I open the door and walk outside

the smell of spring lingers through

the yard

today I am 16

I’ve had my farmer’s permit

all summer

today I can legally drive

to school.

I open the door to the truck

and put the key in and wait

you have to wait about 30 seconds

before you can start it

when I start it, it roars

roars like a lion

its so loud.

Its a diesel

we’ve had for about 9 years.

I love that ol’ truck.


This Moment
by Tyler Haugen

11 years old in a big hunker of steel

John Deere Green and yellow in a field

that had just been harvested

this moment with my grandpa

I will never forget how he

taught me to drive

the big four wheel drive tractor

he told me how and left

me to do it all by myself

and I did. This moment.


Car Rides
by Erin Leverington

Its been a few hours now

yet our giant family isn’t bored yet

we chow through six bags of nothing else

but those sweet and spicy chips.

My oldest brother is the only one who

has gotten slug-bugged in the last 6 hours.

We seem to be the only ones driving

on this cold Christmas night.

Dad says one more round of twenty-one

and we all cheer and holler and start playing again.


My Year
by Haley Omdahl

My year starts like this

1 month Christmas break is over

2 months Valentine’s Day

3 months Don’t forget dad’s birthday

4 months too cold for tank tops

but warm enough for sweatshirts

5 months one month left of school, start the countdown.

6 months catch extra sleep

7 months its the 4th! Blast the fireworks and taste the steamy barbeque

8 months our last month of serenity

9 months back to school ads everywhere

10 months spend the last day frantically running in town

11 months put on your blaze orange, its 5 a.m.

12 months set my goals. Next year will be the best.


Summer Hockey Trips
by Maggie Crosson

Long rides to the cities

hot days turn into

cooling off in cold rinks

hotel rooms

hotel swimming pools

early mornings

late nights walking in

warm air restaurants

car rides

city lit up by building lights

walking around malls

being with friends from other towns

having fun playing hockey

with friends you don’t often get to see.

The smell of cold air, ice in rinks

always brings me joy

long car rides home




The Lake
by Nick Beaudry

Waves splashing in the backyard

with the smell of fresh cut grass

just then

memories are soon

and forever, to never be lost.

we made a friend, one

who will be there for us

and we will be there for her.



This Moment
by Mackenzie Olson


Twinkling stars and silver moonlight

sweet summer

there he is

racing thoughts and fluttering heart

simple smiles

keep me close

don’t let go

I love you so.


This Moment
by Gina Wensloff


Fluffy bed.

Bright orange and yellow sun rays

peeking through the window

making an abstract pattern on the wall.

Smell of the smooth, summer breeze

rustling the curtains as they enter,


Admiring the beauty.

This moment.


Peach Ice Cream
by Sofia Lisell


Peach ice cream

it was five pesos

for the ice cream

the day was

hot and sticky

in Manilla

we were fanning

ourselves with

large leaves

in a small open

wooden hut

the bell started


to announce the

ice cream man

we went to go meet him

my head barely peeked

over the ledge

and for five pesos

we got

a peach ice cream cone.


by Sofia Lisell


the sun was just rising

and casting golden highlights

on the ocean below

the birds were waking

and beginning to fly

to catch prey for

they young

the waves were

slowly crashing

on the rocks

as if they too

had just risen

from a slumbery state

however I

had been awake the

whole time

to watch nature wake up

from its beauty sleep.


by Tessa Holt


My body goes numb fro a split second

as I jump into the cold pool.

The whole pool area reeks of chlorine.

I could taste the bitter and distinct taste on it on my lips.

The echoes from people screaming

so loud, but as soon as my head was below the water

silence. All there was to see was the coral blue.

Oh how easy it is to get lost in the blue.





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