Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

7th Hour


When My Family Leaves
by Sienna

I’m alone in this

once loud home.

Its empty inside

bustling with no noise.

That once was alive.

Which was a home

long ago.


by Rikki

life peaceful.


by Rikki


A room that you can cut

the filling voices bouncing off

the walls with a knife, but also

a room that can be

so quiet

that the small creaks

of the old wood floors

echo down the white walled halls.


by Shaylin Kartes


The wind rustles by

and plays with my hair

golden sunlight streams through the trees

as I dance silently across the forest floor

birds call hello as they fly overhead

their wings on fire with colors

flaming orange, strawberry red, deep black.

The sunlight fades into a rich blue

and the wind whispers through the leaves.

I climb to the top of the tallest tree

and marvel at the brilliant stars

burning in the velvet sky.

Breath escapes me.

They say the world is harsh

but not here.

Here it is marvelous.


75 Degrees
by Shaylin Kartes


75 degrees

Bright shinning sun

Wet dog, full of soap

Even wetter girl

Boy holding a garden hose

Eyes shining with laughter


Water glistening in the sunlight

as it flies through the hot air

Dog barks playfully

as the boy and girl wrestle in the water




by Geofu

A fire.

Moving frantically in the night.

A dog resting quietly near the fire.


A boy sitting on a

homemade bench

staring into the fire.


A man.

Moving about

the yard cleaning.


The moon, slowly

rising into the inked

sky, reflecting off



All the while

the fire

still frantically dancing in the night.


Marching Band
by Shawn

As you stand there, heavy cold

large instrument in hand, the air

you smell the crisp cold air

as you dare to take a breath.

Next to you there is another

person with the same instrument.

You look up as your band manager says

Ready up. So everyone in front of you

and in back of you gets ready

as you move down the street, the drummer

is hitting the drum in a steady beat.


The Euphoria
by Sienna


The euphoria

pumping through my veins

as I dash

into the freezing water

awaiting it

to meet my warm body

as it engulfs me whole.


Anxious in the Chute
by Hunter Zisku


I grab my rigging and drop it

on the horse that is anxious in the chute.

I climb on to the horse

pull my cowboy hat down and nod

my head. The latch clunks open and

the chute opens and away we go.

I’m trying to make the 8

and the buzzer rings loudly

through the arena. I did it.


It Starts with a Drip
by Rikki


It starts with a drip
onto a dark metal drainpipe

then it becomes more
drip drip drip

in a moment it falls all at once

we rush out to dance
and jump and slide
drip drip drip

we wish to dance with the rain
we slide onto the slick black trampoline

drip drip drip

we are drenched from head to toe and we are free.

And then just like it started
it ends

with a

drip drip drip.



The Day
Whitnie R.

The sun was shining, the leaves were

fleeing in the wind.


My mom and I finally decided to get a dog.


It was the best day of my life.


We finally spotted the one we wanted.


We found out everything about him.

He had brown hair and blue eyes and

he was a smaller dog.


Then we took him home.


All There Is
by A.


All there is, is the tree and I.

I lay on the soft grass, staring up.

The leaves tremble in the wind,

I close my eyes.




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