Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

4th Hour


Walking to the Fishing Spot
by Cooper Lundgren

Walking to the fishing spot

the birds are speaking.

It is high noon, trees

are in bloom, The

water is still and shining

so clear. Now only

for the big one to bite

so I can have a nice fight.


by Jordan Wyer

When I hit the ground

it sounded like hitting a mattress with a bat, like

an apple being thrown into an empty garbage can,

like a heavy rock was dropped onto carpet.


My Old House
by Macy Peters


My old house was very calming.

Being out in the country and never

hearing anything except the wind and

an occasional car, walking with

my sister down the railroad tracks

to our little fort, where we’d play

for hours without our parents.

Then as the sun started to set, we would walk

home to find our mom had made us supper and we would

all sit together. My dad making those dumb dad jokes

as we tell him about our day.

I loved it.


Like Seagulls Cawing
by Riley Eidsmoe

Like seagulls cawing

Like crows squawking

Like siblings talking

and a like a teacher’s lecture

all are annoying.


5 a.m.
by Alex Verbout


5::00 a.m.

out the door

down the path

to the lake

clear as glass

it’s paradise

bite then bite

I’ll need an appetite.


by Kendra Jolicoeur


It’s smooth, deep and rumbling.

Like a soft thunder, rolling from

the bottom of the chest to

the top of the ears.

Like a small bass drum.

with a steady beat.

It’s like a slow song, calm and strong.

Strong as an oak, but smooth as a

freshly paved highway.

It rolls and winds like a river.


Climb Up
by Gabe Carlson

Climb up the weathered steps

church bells ringing

shake a hand

tell a joke

laugh a little

stroll down the aisle

sunlight breaks



Her Voice
by Kate Wensloff

Her voice is like liquid chocolate.

Like the wind dancing through the leaves.

But also like the sharp clap of hands.

Like steady crutches to lean on.

Like the warmth of a fire seeping into your bones.


It Was Like This
by Dylan Maki

Big soft blankets surrounding me.

Sunshine sneaks through the curtains.

The only noise is the happy heartbeat in my chest.

The relaxed room covered in lovely lavender hues.

Hopeful thoughts in my head

as I realize I don’t want to get out of bed.


Country Air Lust
by Cheyenne Wojciechowski


Cruising down backroads;

kicking up dust.

That’s the country air lust.

Pull over, and put it in park.

Watch the sun set.

That’s a must.


by Cheyenne Wojciechowski

Safe and sound in my bed

with the lamp shade tilted

I read.

It takes hold of me

I can’t stop;

I must go on.

The space around me darkens.

I’m in a trance.

My breath slows, and

I’m relaxed.


by Micah Krahn

Like dumping water on a cat.

Like a young girl seeing a snake.

Like a distant mountain lion

the very sound of speed.


Game Day
by Jonah Provance

Everyone running warming up for the win.

Powerful guys in protective pads.

Fangs out. Ready to fight for the football.

Painkillers popped, preventing pain.

Cool night air, anything but calm coaches.

Big bright lights illuminate the green grass.



A Tuba’s B Flat
by Levi Gumeringer

Its like a burly Viking singing opera/

Like the rumble of a war horn.

Like the sound of an attack.

Like a low siren in the distance

warning of a tragedy.


Grandma’s House
by Victoria Johnson

It goes like this–

stumbling upstairs, still

with sleep in my eyes

awakening to the laughter

and chatter of loved ones.

Grandpa already gets

me breakfast–cocoa

coffee and Grandma’s

famous cookies–“the

breakfast of champions”

only allowed at Grandma’s.


The Piano
by Victoria Johnson

It can sound like angels singing in a choir

or the pounding of feet down the stairs,

like the waves drifting onto the sand,

or the crash of thunder during a storm.

All depending on the notes

your fingers decided to play.


My Grandma’s House
by Jon Cauble

A perfect place for

a sweet summer day

the humble house

resting on the riverside

is always astoundingly

clean, cozy and has

good company. Boats on

the blue river, an RV

in the driveway,

the door open to

a home smelling of

delicious cookies and

full of constant laughter

and energy. Even animals

enjoy everyday.

A good home for a

great grandma.


It Was Like This
by Camryn Hagen

Looking out the little window

hearing the hum of the big beautiful birds

seeing the salty sea and waves of

water flowing to shore.

Capturing the beauty of Costa Rica.

Green gigantic hills,

Pink, yellow, blue and red flowers


Friendly town-folk waving.

Calm, cobalt sunny skies,

the sweet smell of nature.

Everywhere I look

is truly breathtaking.
















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