Writing From Roseau

Poems by Mrs. Olsen’s Sophomore Class, Roseau, Minnesota

Poems from Julia Matassa, Emily Restad and Jadyn Novak

A Sleepy Fox

by Julia Matassa

a fox,

it’s red,

it’s brown,

sleepy as one could be,

it lays there,


no sound to be heard,

calm and relaxed,

the fox slowly starts to close his eyes,

to get some rest,

after a while the fox,

smelt something amazing,

it’s sweet like cinnamon,

it makes the fox feel relaxed,

he falls into a deep slumber,

as the wind brushes against his fur.


By: Emily Restad

The fresh aroma of the mountains and the ocean

Sleeping every car ride to pass time

Shopping downtown for mini souvenirs

Going to an escape room 

Eating on the roof of a fancy restaurant

Hiking on many trail 

Camping on the highest level of Denali National Park

Searching for sticks for a fire

Seeing grizzly bears and turning back

Driving up a mountain in a bus for 3 hours 

To see the small Wonder Lake 

Running to the outhouse from too much laughter 

Going on a fishing charter with the typical fishing captain

Yellow pants

Yellow jacket

Rain boots

Catching the biggest fish out of the group 

Going to eat chicken strips after fishing

Going on a  Kenai Fjord Tour

Seeing many sea creatures

Going to music stores 

Buying High School Musical music

Driving to Walmart 

Getting snacks for movie night

Sitting on an air mattress watching The Office

Shutting the blinds at 10:00 pm from the light

Packing up to drive to the airport

Running behind a cart 

Almost missing the flight

Sadly leaving Alaska.

Unlikely Encounter

By Jadyn Novak

There once was a boy named Danny

whose heart was as cold as ice,

dark eyes glaring at anything with even a small amount of love

Once day, his gaze fell upon the most beautiful human he’d ever seen

Their name –– Leon

However, Leon was unloved, too

Dark scars were etched in his face,

staining the outer beauty like splatters of paint on an empty canvas

His caramel eyes glowed, despite everything he’d been through

Danny tried everything –– throwing rocks at the boy,

calling him cruel names, and feeding him moldy food

but Leon followed him, a smile always lingering on his face

Leon chased butterflies in the strong summer breeze,

plucked bouquets of flowers, later offered to Danny

But it was his smile –– that childish, warm, brilliant smile –– that got Danny

“Why do you smile when you are ugly?” Danny asked Leon, 

harsh, cold eyes piercing into the other

Leon smiled as he answered softly, “Because I know I am beautiful on the inside.”

Over time, Danny felt his heart begin to warm,

feeling the hot blood pump through his veins

He wordlessly watched Leon, who trailed after him like being pulled by an invisible leash

“I know what you’re thinking,” Leon said with a cheerful grin

Leon whispered teasingly, leaning in, “You think I’m beautiful.” 

Danny shook his head, smiling back for the first time as he murmured, “No, I think I found love.”

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