Discovery Class: Space


By Claire’s Discovery Class

  1. What We Know About Space

The Sun is our neighbor.

The Sun is a star.

You can’t land on the sun.

If you are an alien, you don’t need a breathing tank.

The Sun is hotter than lava.

We need air in space.

There are holes in the moon.

The moon is our neighbor too.

We can’t walk on the moon—we jump and float.

Earth is close enough to the sun to get warm.

The Universe is made of everything.

The moon is mad out of rock.

Sun and stars make light and are hot.

Planets, moons, matter make up space.

The moon had craters.

The earth spins and we don’t feel it.

2. Things we Want to Know About Space

Is the Sun made of hot lave?

What do astronauts do in space?

Does the internet work there?

What is matter?

Are there orange peels on the moon?

3. What Don’t we Know About Space

Can you get the hick-ups in space?

Is lightning hot?

Where does the universe end?

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