Discovery Class: Space


By Monta’s Discovery Class

  1. What We Know About Space

There are no ipads, no electricity, no electronics in space.

There aren’t fish in space.

There aren’t animals in space.

Planets and stars are in space.

No blankets in space.

Astronauts go into space.

There are meteors in space, but no firetrucks.

2. What We Don’t Know About Space

We don’t know what the planets are really like.

We don’t know how many stars there really are.

Or how many planets.

We don’t know how hot the sun is.

We don’t know how cold it is in space.

3. Things We Want to Know About Space

How do astronauts float in space?

Why is there no gravity in space?

How do astronauts talk to us from space?

Are there books in space? Or acorns?

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