Discovery Class

Discovery Class is a STEM-based class at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School. The children are 4 and 5 years old. And they’ve been thinking about questions scientists ask. Drawing by Donovan, some grass he saw on a nature walk.

Scientists Ask Questions
By Monta’s Discovery Class

Scientists ask questions like:

How are Legos (and Lego dinosaurs) made?

And how are flowers made?

And why are flowers made?

How do you make a car?

How does mud get made?

What about bricks and rocks?

Shoes? Metal? And walls?

How are they made?

Why do people ask questions?

How do bees go inside of a plant?

Why does a helicopter spin?

How do flowers bloom?

How does hair get made?

How do trees and elephants grow?

How do rocks get bigger?

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