Discovery Class

Discovery Class is a STEM-based class for 4 and 5 year-olds at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School. Here is their poem about the questions scientists ask… Drawing by Margot

What Kinds of Questions do Scientists Ask?
By Claire’s Discovery Class

Why is the sky blue?

Why can birds fly?

Why does ice cream melt?

Why do clouds move?

Why do flowers grow?

Why do people walk?

Why do fish swim?

Why do trees get sun?

Why do apples fall from trees?

Why is slime sticky?

Why is paint messy?

Why do paper planes not float in water?

Why do people have boats?

Why are some boats, ski boats?

Why do pennies buy?

Why do fingers move?

Why do your teeth grow?

Why do people ride surfboards?

Why do birds sing?

Are they happy?

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