Poetry in the Preschool

Today’s art is by Lucas, and poems from Theia, Tess, Lola, Lucas, Luella, Poppy, Jasper, Nate, Kieran, and Sam.

Why Did
By Theia

The chicken crossed the road because

It wanted to go across the road

To eat other chickens, a cow

A pig, and then a sheep!

And a duck for dessert.


My Family
By Tess

First they were superheros

(see the capes?)

Then they became Mom and Dad.

This is me.

My dress used to be down

To my shin, but now

It is up to my knee!

I’m taller!


By Lola

It doesn’t feel

Like being here, five.

I don’t feel it.

I don’t.


I Like
By Lucas

I like tigers because they have stripes.

And lions because they have manes.

Snakes cuz they slither and say


And bears because they have sharp teeth

And lizards stick to stuff.

I like cheetahs because they have dots

And camouflage


By Luella

The garden is really big

It has orange orange

Orange orange orange

Blue blue purple blue

Orange blue purple and black

Flowers. And it has Luella

In it (by the big flower).


I Like Dark Blue
By Nate

Dark blue

Like really

Really really


It’s like night

Did you know

I have glow-


Mummy pajamas

With really big eyes!


When I Am a Dragon
By Poppy

I’m the Mom

And we have stuffed

Animal dragons to play with—

That’s what we like.

And the dark.

We come out at night.

I am up on my wings.


By Sam

Sometimes we make a face

Right before we do something

To show people we are going to do

Something. I am trying to say

I don’t like being tapped on the head.

I am trying to say, back off.


I Like
By Jasper

Apple pie
And I like
Ice cream
And I like
this yellow bird
That sings.


By Kieran


Up in the












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