Poetry in the Preschool

Today’s poems are by Grant, Haaken, Felix, Emma, Caroline, Cora, Agatha, Benji and Crosby.  They are all four or five.  Heart art, by Cora.

I Like Trees

By Grant

I have all kinds of fruit trees

Crab apple

Pear. I like trees.

I get to pick the fruit

If that’s the season.


Last Year

By Haaken

Last year

There was so much snow

I could dig a tunnel

In my backyard.

I liked it.

I wish it would snow

Like that again.


Morning Time Song

By Crosby

Morning time, morning time

See the sun morning time.


Night time, night time

Night is coming moon.


I am a Seed Tree

By Benji

I am a seed tree.

I live outside.

I’m trying to


I’m dangling.

Inside me

Is more



Agatha, the Author

By Agatha

Agatha went to Disney World.

She is a very brave girl.

She is always brave and fierce.

And she is always up to everything.


Walking to School Today

By Cora
I saw a group of pileated woodpeckers

They were on trees.

It was shivery.

It was cloudy.

A whole bunch of leaves were on the ground

Brown and yellow.

There is already snow up north.



By Caroline

I have a lot

Of letters

In my name,



This Little Island

By Felix


This is a little island

And this is where it wants to be.

And a little man

Lives on it.

And he is having

A little snack.


My Sculpture

By Emma

It’s a dog

With a unicorn suit on.

Can you imagine that?






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