Writing From Roseau

Places we’d like to take you.

by Jasmine Verbout


The way it feels against

My skin, the memories it brings back.

The way it clears my skin and mind.

The happiness it creates.


By Sam Grafstrom


My owner is very smart.

My life consists of eating and sleeping.

I wish to travel the world

But I’m running out of time.

I have accomplished little in my life

And I can see that it will be ending soon.

I wish I had done more with my life.


y Faith Restad


Side by side

We’re off racing

To the finish line

Destroying everything

In our race track.

We get bigger and bigger

Faster and faster.

We separate

Off by ourselves

Acting like a teen]rolling eyes, speeding

Away, scrolling through fields like social media

Not a care about anything.


It is like this
By Andrew Tesarek


A raging river from this lake

Fishing on the dock of tiny fish

The canoe breaking this water like glass

Hikers in the distance

Looking at it

The loon what a peaceful noise

A frightening fish splashes the water

The water tastes like wax.


Cat Coco
y Emma Boris


She doesn’t leave me alone

Always picking me up and carrying me around

She doesn’t let me hide away

She feeds me way too much

And for goodness sake won’t let me go outside when I want.

I hate my human.


Golf Ball
By Owen Moser


Don’t hit me I cry.

Three hundred yards later, down the fairway I lay.

I fly through trees and plop in the water.

I am tickled by the grass.

I am put on a pedestal only to be crushed.

I am hit through windows.

I vacation on the beach.

I am often lost and forgotten.


By Emma Haugen


Shining bright in the sky

Unique yellow and orange

Nocturnal animals hidden asleep.


By Jasmine Verbout



Times stops

In the moment

Laughing with my friends

Loving like no one has before.


By Emma Haugen


I love to dance with the kids in

The puddles

Love the way I grab shoulders to look up

Fall down into a river and see where it takes me

Rushing to the down to meet adventures falling from the clouds.


The Blanket
By Krista Field


I hold you close

I keep you warm

Comforted you since childhood

You dragged me around

But I didn’t care

You sat on me

In the dirt or a puddle

The nights you weren’t home

I’d lay there still and cold

Once in a while your cat would come in

And he’d kneed and scratch me

Till comfy and relaxed.

At night when you cried I’d brush away your tears.

The scent I brought made you happy and smile.

Then one day the boxes came.

And I never did see you again.


I Can’t Imagine
By Jarrett


I can’t imagine being this way.

He sees everything we go by.

All the scenery he gets to see.

He sees the world at ground level.

Traveling fast, much faster than I

Speeding by animals and fields of crops.

Oh how I wish I could see how my cars sees.


Race Horse
By Sonja Brewer


The loud thumping that almost sound like thunder on a rainy day. The hoof beats that no one could keep an eye on because they roll so fast. The miraculous muscles rippling like the waves you could see from a mile away. The race horse is power. He is strength. He is prideful. He is purely god-like.



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