Writing from Roseau

The things we like.

French Fries
by Avery Halvorson

They go with anything if

You really want them to. Soggy

Or delicious, the number one

Go-to side dish for everyone!


By Destiny Wojciehowski


Wake up run to edge of the water

Setting into the cool moist sand waiting

Waiting for the bright yellow and warm pink colors of the sunshine.

Walking back smelling the juicy bacon

Listening to the birds sing so joyfully.


By Sawyer Klatt


Feeling like a bomb

In A class, ready to explode

Hoping from body to body

Mind to mind, heart to heart

Ticking from ten to nine

To eight to seven to six

To five to four to three to two to one




The Shed
By Brendan Lund


Driving down the bumpy dirt road

Walking into a frost feeling

Fresh smell of Lysol

Jacks thrown into the pizza oven

Cue strikes the white ball

Ping pong paddles, red and blue

New home feels

My second home.


By Olivia Urness


Wonderous power


Views worth living for

Every one the

Same yet different

                A feeling of endless possibilities.


NHL Play-offs
By Hanson O’Leary


Coming out of the tunnels, adrenaline pumping

Big hits, nasty dangles, bardown snipes
large crowds, cold ice, sharp steel, puck is zooming.


I Like a Sunset
y Morgan Halvorson


A rich orange kisses the

Belly of a cloud

With a hue of pink for

The shadow

The setting sun just touching

The horizon

Pulling the warmth of the

Day into the colors of the sky.

The world slowing down

With the dipping sun

The birds stop singing

The frogs taking their place

The east is black and

The west is the bright and

Rich reds, oranges and pinks

Of the setting sun.


By Morgan Halvorson

Simple dot in the sky

Tiny to the eye

A simple tiny dot that I’ll never visit. I’d

Rather be free with the stars, a

Simple tiny dot in the sky.


By Aaron Robb


Furious as the sun

Invigorates us with its color

Revive us with its warmth

Encourage us with its light.

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