Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems from Ashley Skoglund, Bailli Erickson, Joseph Vandehey , Nathan O’Connor, and Troian Stroot.


By: Ashley Skoglund

R- Roseau River, the dam

O- where all the kids cross over on

S- sunny days

E- evenings and afternoons

A- always crossing over,

U- until it’s gone.=

An Old Shoe

By: Bailli Erickson


An old shoe.

Worn and torn down,

Handled roughly.

Getting stepped all over,

And sometimes forgotten.

Wishing we could just throw it away.

An old shoe,


By Joseph Vandehey

Joy is like a breeze it’s always there it’s just not as strong as some points joy is like sugar sometimes it comes in little grains and sometimes it comes in spoonfuls it also depends on how much you get at a time.

No Rain, No Flowers
By: Troian Stroot

Sometimes it sprinkles

Sometimes it pours

Everything is so gray and gloomy

With nothing to do but let it rain

Your thoughts

That all hope is lost

And you think it will never be sunny again

But what comes from this rain

Beautiful roses and extravagant flowers

And sunshine so bright

With pollen like kindness

Sprinkled from person to person

But, these flowers need rain

That will come again

No rain

No flowers

By Nathan O’Connor

Flash goes the camera

When I see your face

Coming out the hole to life,

Is when the camera took place

Growing up taking more photos

Learning by every picture I took

Some pictures were bad some were good

But you need to live on the best ones you took.

By: Troian Stroot

I miss coming home to your big arm

With a hug after school every day

Our 4 am talks with you sitting

Next to me on my bed were the best

Your snippets of sarcasm and jokes

You’d sneak me out and we’d drive all night

But now you’re gone

Nowhere to be found

You’re on top of the world

And I’ve fallen to the ground

You never know what you love Until it’s gone=

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