Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s writing is from Marilyn A., Rachel Hembrook, Zowe, Catie G., Kelsey Buley, Codie Rahier, Davis Butler, Grant Helgeland, Winston Novacek, Joshua Olson,
Ceciley Parker, and Katarina Millbridge.


By Codie Rahier

As I watch the sun leave

The stars become more clear to see

Moon laminating the night its such

A beautiful sight

Dark consuming the light.

Sound absent from the fight.

Everything is alive at night.


By Zowe

Home. It can mean many things

But my meaning of home is where

You are the most relaxed, most calm.

When I think of the word home

I think of music. Music is my home.

Music is my sanctuary. Music is home

And my home is music.


By Catie Glodowski


Rows and rows of seats.

Each and every one occupied.


Bags below and above,

Filled with entertainment.


People walk down the aisles,

Slamming shut compartments.


Nothing is happening,

Not yet, anyway.


An incoherent voice fills the air

And the floor begins to move.


A low rumble, increasing speed

And everything begins to tilt back as it leaves the ground.


Heads pressed against the seats.

Popping ears and clenching fists.


The plane is now off the ground.


By Davis Butler


It’s hot.

Very hot.


The river is cluttered with people


The river filled with pure water

From the mountains.

It is like this.


Driving Home on a Saturday Night
By Joshua Olson


Driving home on a Saturday night

Singing your favorite song

Warm relaxed and tired

Bright lights in the distance

Coming our way

Swerving in and out of your lane.


By Rachel Hambrook


One face

And one birthday candle.


Two hands making such

A sweet mess.


Cake all around.


Face now all decorated

With a smile on it.


Lots of laughter

Lots of joy.


Cake on the ground

And a crown on his head.


A moment and such

A mess.


By Grant Helgeland


Golf course is opening up

Wet and muddy

Flowers starting to bloom

The smell of fresh cut grass

Standing next to my dad

Putter in his hand

The flag of the 9th hole in mine.


By Kelsey Buley

Sun beating down on exposed shoulders

Faces gleaming with sweat

The squeak of sneakers

Tennis balls bouncing in the background

The “whiff” of swinging rackets

Scores screamed, fill the air.


Driving Down that “Famous” Lee Road
By Ceciley Parker


Second house on the left

Two bright green trees with birds singing in the bath

The sound of the old Nintendo player by the kids

The adults yelling in enjoyment over a card game

The smell of the scrap pile burning

Or the new flowers Uncle Dave brought Gram.

The fresh water after a family game of football

Being continued with an itchy sensation of poison ivy.

Walking to get the mail but see cousin Nancy

Talk for hours as she smokes and gives you candy.


For Weeks Now
By Marilyn A


Begging and begging

For weeks now

To get another cat.


A truck parks by the royal blue house.

Confused people are waiting, watching

A forest green kennel emerges and is

Carried into the house.


Soft fur falls in small poofs

As the car emerges from the kennel.

Excited fingers reach and stroke.

Another cat is home.


Deer in the Road
By Cody


A highway.

Its pitch-black outside.


You’re cruising along

With the high beams on.




Before you can react

There is a deer going through your windshield.


You swerve off.

The car is stuck in what seems like a constant roll.


You wake up.

You’re upside down.

Stuck in the middle of a snowy field.


By Alexa Kihle


She looks at me and grunts.

A soft, gentle push of air out of her snout.

She lumbers over to me as I watch her

Deep muscles slide under her black skin.

Her ears move to the sound of my sweet tone.

The yellow and white ear-tags flapping eagerly.

She’s shy at first.

Her tail twitches when I gently stroke

Her soft, warm belly.

I sit down next to her.

She pokes her hooves into my leg

As she gingerly nudges my ribcage.

There is nothing,

No birds chirping in the treetops.

No wind howling through the leaves.

No humming from the greenhouses.

Only me and Dixie.

I watch as the sun gradually gets

Higher in the sky.

I get up to leave.

As I turn around the corner she oinks.

Her heart longs for me

To return

And I do.


That Moment
By Hunter Nelson

That moment when the sizzling fast ball

You thought was about to fly over the trees

Morphs into a sweeping curveball

And leaves you leaning out on your front foot

Listening to the ump yell strike three!


Old Toys
By Winston Novacek

It’s been a long time now

Since we’ve seen the white light glow.

No, it doesn’t reach down below.


Shadows become the light

Here where we toys reside

Reality is just a dream

For all the toys like me.


We hate our plastic bones

Our bones and gears creak inside our chests

Our chests forever cold

A cold and maddening descent

Descending down so far

Down farther till there is nothing left

We’re left here in the dark, the dark

We play to forget.


This is our penitentiary

Boarded away from the world

Where we want to be.

Lock the tote

Throw away the key

And let our game resume

Down in the pitch-black room.

Reality is just a dream

For all the toys like me.


We hate our plastic bones

Our bones and gears creak inside our chest

Our heads forever hollow

A hollow and maddening ascent

Ascending up so far

Up further till there is nothing left.

We’re left here in the dark, the dark

We play to forget, we play to forget.


Come now, play with us

As we sing our songs

Down down sing with us

Stuck on replay. Pause.


We hate our plastic bones

Our bones and gears creak in our chests

And hearts forever cold

A cold and maddening descent

Descending down so far

Down farther till

There is nothing left

We’re left here in the dark, the dark

We play to forget.


By Katarina Milbridge


Laying in the soft grass with my cousin

Looking at the bright blue sky

We name the clouds and what they look like

We ride our bikes till we can’t pedal anymore.

We run through the sprinkler to cool down

Then we lay in the bright sun for warmth.


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