Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s post is writing from 10th grade students in Ms. Olsen’s 3rd Hour Class, featuring Eric Hoffer, Paetyn Spilde, Ellie Hedlund, Sasha Magnusson, Taylor Johnson, and Brady Cooper.

By Sasha Magnusson

A gray place

An open book

A wild and uncharted area

Tremendously big

A vivid open secret

A crazy jungle

plentiful food

A place to relax

A building called home

A shadow

A dark place

A roller-coaster.


By Ellie Hedlund

Lilly; playful, running around

In circles. Lazy; sleeping the day

Away while I am at school. Loving;

Follows me around. Sleeps on my bed

Waits by the door when I come home.

Pretty; King Charles Caviler Spaniel, white

And golden brown.


By Paetyn Spilde

Far away from others

Secretive passage to a fort

Long hours of lawn moving

Freedom from all disturbances

Birds instead of sirens

Beauty of nature

Runs against the open wind

Whiffs of dust

Dirt under your nails.


By Eric Hoffer

All I want to do when I get home after work

In the comfort of my bed

Blankets piled up

I clear my thoughts and allow my mind

To rest.

It is a beautiful feeling

Being lost in your dreams

Until your mind is wrenched out

By the sound of your vicious alarm

Bombarding the silence with its

Barks of responsibility

I must get up now

My hardest good-bye.


By Taylor Johnson

Peaceful, soothing

The sound of the wind blowing through

The trees.

Grouse beating their wings

During the spring time looking for a mate.

The howling of the timbers in the dead of the night

Looking up at the moon.


Love Is Love
By Brady Cooper

Love is love

Love can build

Love can destroy

Love is evil

When you are alone

Yet it is great

When you are together

Love is love

Love can mend

Love can harm

Love is love

People can love

Animals can love

Everyone can love

Love is love

Love can feel

Love can live
Love is love.

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