Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s post is writing from 10th grade students in Ms. Olsen’s 2nd Hour Class, featuring Trevor Olsen, Ayla Gross, Ethan Johnson, Troian Stroot, and Hunter MacFarlane.

That Door Knob
By Trevor Olsen 

That door knob

How many times it’s been turned

All the dents

the squeak when the door opens

how many people have touched it

my family and the family before

it makes you wonder

who has all used that door knob

how long has it been there

maybe it’s an antique

just like the house it sits in

where will it go next, will

it ever break, dent

from who knows what.

Why are there dents there

Who made them.

The key. Where did it go.

Lost to us but still around


The key, a skeleton key

Like those of the old time

Jails and dungeons.


By Ayla Gross

They protect and hug my feet

Fuzzy socks

Wool socks

Socks for running and heat

I have socks of bright colors

Socks also as dark as ink and death

The socks are monsters grabbing and snatching

At my feet.

Socks make cold feet a bit safer

Every sock has a pair

And then there are those lonely socks

Never finding a match, or so it thought

But soon eventually, to its surprise

Its partner in crime

Its bright knight

Flew out from under the wardrobe

Those socks are not alone

They snuggle up together

Who cares what the world thinks

As long as they have each other.


By Ethan Johnson

One of my favorite parts of home

Was the river

A fine place to be.

It allowed me to relax and have fun

While catching some nice northerns

And walleye with all types

Of unique and colorful lures.


The river is extremely important

To me, as it is one of the few spots

In my life where I am actually able to think

About the important stuff in my life

God and school and family and friends

And sports.

The river will always bring good memories

To me.


By Troian Stroot

Everywhere. Noise everywhere.

Laughter from each room of the house

With music all around

And screams and shouts from little children

My house is filled with sound.


By Hunter MacFarlane

Realtree Max-5 Camo

Pump-action12 gauge

Shoots geese, ducks, anything you want

Reliable in the field

It can be dirty or clean

Mud gets on it

Then I clean it up, back to its old self

It can fit 2 ¾ shells all the way up to 3 ½ inch shells

It’s been with me for three years

Many shells have been in it

It keeps on firing when I want it to.

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