Three & Four

Today’s poems by Avery, William Nora, Calvin, and June.

Art, “A Picture Book” by William.



By Avery

Tigers roar.

Tigers walk like tigers do.

Tigers go to their houses.

And tigers sleep

In tiger beds.


A Picture Book

By William


In my book

Are people

And one



Almost Ready

By Nora


Almost ready!

Just needs


It’s yummy.

You will love it.

It’s a wedding cake.

For the wedding today.

It’s a sticky cake.

But you won’t get it on your hands

Because you will use a fork.


Map Trap

By Calvin


Start right here.

Going this way

And around

And so right

Up here you go

Up and straight






A Poem Tree

By June


My house

Is in Minneapolis.

This is the crossing guard.

This is where the people go

And this is where

They write their names,

Near the shooting star.

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