Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

4th Hour

Hope Like a Star
by Karina Fredrickson

It shines when the days

are at their darkest.


And you forget about it again

when the light of day returns.


It is steady, always in place,

but not always seen.


It falls so you can wish,

or flashes to show you the way.


Anger Like Fire
by Jonah Provance


Burning bright, or simply smoldering.

Everybody loves to watch. nobody likes to get burned.

Once it is out of control, its wrath reeks havoc.

Things worked so hard to build, go up in smoke.

My life; a pile of ashes.


Joy is Like a Star
Nate Corbit

Joy is like a star in space

It may be hidden by clouds.

They will always be there though.

Joy is like a star, it can be bright.

Joy is a star never gone

always there and waiting to shine.


A Flower is Pure Happiness
by Jenna Yon


To me a flower is pure happiness

they are at their best, healthy

self when they are free, growing on

their own.

They don’t compare themselves to the flower

next to them

they just bloom.


Love Like the Sun
by Kendra J.


Your love is warm and golden

strong and soft.

It gives me life, and hope

but too much will burn me.


I want to bathe myself in it

hold it in my hands and

cherish it.

On my bad days, I need just a

little sun, to make it better.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Jon C.


I didn’t know I loved

my old house in Wannaska.

Calm, clean, serene, sitting

in a tree-ringed stretch of grass.


I didn’t know I loved

the river until I had

to leave it after summer.

So fresh and cold

and never-stopping.


I didn’t know how much

I loved the nickname

Johnny-Son until

my dad quit calling

me that.


I didn’t know I loved mornings

to sit and watch until

I was too busy to enjoy



Love Like Sugar
by Dylan Maki

We use it to sweeten our life.

But having too much of it makes you go crazy.

Spilling it creates a sticky mess

that is hard to clean up.

We carry some of that sweetness with us

in our smiles and in our eyes.

Without a little sugar

our life wouldn’t be as sweet.

Without sugar, our life would be sour.

We use it in everything.


Freedom that Runs
by Hannah Johnson


Freedom that runs is not caught.

Freedom that runs is fearless.

Freedom that runs is beautiful.

Freedom that runs is full of hope.

Freedom that runs can be full of trust.

What is freedom that runs?

A horse that runs in the pasature.

A cat that roams aorund the yard.

A deer roaming in the woods.


You can be the freedom that runs.


by A.


I thought we were good

all the great times we had

all the memories shared

all the long nights spent talking to each other.

Our first kiss that I waited so long for

will be etched into my memory forever.

When we looked into each other’s eyes

you pupils were as big and black as obsidian.

I never knew how much I cared

until things started to go sour.

Our relationship was extrodenary to me.

I tried my best to make things work

but not everything does.

I will never forget that last kiss.

It was sort of angry bliss

that kind you will never forget.


Confusion Like Space
by Cheyenne Wojciechowski


just like space

the galaxies are undiscovered

so what makes us think we have it covered



it’s all part of something bigger

we just don’t know it yet.


Hope Like Wind
by Victoria Johnson

It is always there.

A little, sometimes a lot.

We use it to fly, maybe

just a small kite, but

maybe a hot air balloon.

It makes leaves flutter on trees

as if they are joyful.








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