Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

3rd Hour

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
Owen Gross

Working on the farm long hard days

suddenly school and sports come along

have to take time off

miss working outside those days

miss learning more everyday

miss all the vast experiences.


Lonely Like The Wind
by Mackenzie Olson

It howls in need of love

we try to ignore it

It wanders in empty places


it forces itself upon us

demanding to be felt.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Nick Beaudry

I didn’t know I love

snow falling

on a cold crisp  winter



i didn’t know I love

the sound earth

makes when sitting

in the stand on

peaceful night.


I didn’t know how much

I loved the summer days

at the lake, when I didn’t

have to work.


Peace is Like Water
by Jake Borud

Peace is like water

so calm yet sometimes

rapid. Its beautiful

gives life, recreation and sport.

Without it we die.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Tessa Holt

I didn’t know I loved the simple things

in life until I lost everything.

I never knew I loved the air until I was drowning

in my thoughts.  I never knew how much

you meant to me until you were gone. I never

knew I loved anything until I had nothing.


Love Like Salt
by Abby Huss


Pass the salt

a common saying

Love is like salt

its passed around

like a ball thrown between children–

the word tossed around

no longer thought through

or even genuine

Love nowadays

is used as often as salt

to try to flavor up

our lives.


It is Like This
by Abby Huss

Anticipation. Waiting.

The freshly raked fields

lined with chalk.

The team.

Together. Ready.


Game is soon. We’re prepared


Fresh eye black. The smell of grass.


The fresh start of a new game.

Nerves. Anticipation. Waiting.

It is like this.


Happiness Like Water
by Houston O’Leary

It flows like a river

from person to person.

It never runs dry.


It falls off cliffs

but only to join another river.

It will flood you.


Jealousy Like Music
by Brooke Reed

It starts out slow and builds in forte.

It’s the scrambled lyrics on a page.

It’s like breaking a string while playing the chorus.

It’s like a young child pounding on a piano.

It’s like cracking your voice during a solo.

It’s like music that stays on the low notes.

It’s like the silent keys.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Tyler Haugen

I didn’t know I loved that house

old, brown, and that warm feeling.

I didn’t know I loved the woods in the backyard.

I didn’t know I loved the school. The one school out of six there.

I didn’t know I loved the lake. It had a good place

to swim and good fishing. I didn’t know

I wouldn’t see that often and I didn’t know

I loved that place.


Love Like Water
by Maggie Crosson

At one moment, so clam

other moments, crazy and unsettled.

Found in so many different places.

Always in you.

It can be so enormous, like the ocean

or so small, like a puddle.

It comes in so many different forms.

But unlike many other things

these two things

you need.


Happiness Like Water
by Gina Wensloff

We drink it in to nourish our bodies.

Feeling it flow through us like a winding river.


It is all around us but

it taken for granted.


It can be far, far away

unreachable by some.


Happiness Like Fire
by Kacie Bjerk
It starts up so fast

to show what can happen.


It spreads so far

going everywhere it can.


It soars high in the sky

and you know it’s not coming down.


It can hurt you

but also can be your savior.


We know when it’s there

but we can also feel when its gone.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Blaize Hagen

The things I didn’t know I loved.

The beautiful night sky with glimmering stars.

They shine their brightest even though they may be dead.

The sun. All of its benefits. What would we do without it.

I never thought about how much I loved the sun. It’s

incredible sunsets and rises.  All of God’s creations.

A time to be grateful.


Love Like Fire
by Jenna Byfuglien

When you’re in love it hits you

like a huge fire.

Powerful, rapid, nonstop

thinking about that person.

And sometimes it’s quick

the fire in their heart dies out because there

isn’t enough oxygen

to keep it going.

But sometimes it can

last forever and

nothing can stop it.

That’s the best kind

of love there is.


Love Like Thread
by Haley Omdahl

Love is like thread.

It connects what was broken.

It is sometimes long

and sometimes small.

It somestimes break

from being pulled on for too long.


It makes new creations.

Sometimes the colors are vivid

other times dull.


Love changes us all.


Thing I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Sofia Lisell

TI would sit on the stairs to my grandma’s basement

I didn’t know I liked the smell of musty basement.

I would wake up in the morning

to my grandma making fresh buns.

I didn’t know I liked

the taste of soft, warm bread.

I would go with my grandpa

to the shooting range.

I didn’t know I liked

the smell of Ammo.


This Moment
by Katie Czeh

Obliged to go out

Not too excited

All dressed in orange

Hungry and fatigued

Sweet, crisp air

Birds singing songs

Sky waking up

I see many does,

But I wait for the buck

Now, I’m excited

Tall and broad

Deep breath

Squeeze, don’t pull

Tracking the blood shed trails

Now I’m excited.






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