Sometimes I paint, untranslatable words

Erlebnis (German) living fully, experiencing life deeply and intensely in the here and now.



You can tell me things and I’ll remember

most of them,

but mostly

I’ll remember the scent of you;

burnt sage,

cool water

& the satisfying sound

your mouth makes, biting

into an apple.


& the colors this lush morning brings

to your surface, the colors

that call you home.


I picture

the stratification

of your bed,

the layers;


twisted sheets

circling water dreams


rumbling train



What creature

doesn’t like to be spoken to

in a sky-blue morning voice?

What animal

doesn’t want to curl up

in your cupped hand?


You are a lucky man,

I, a curious, sing-a-song bird,

with a beating-heart-chest

give me some red yarn,

I’ll build you a nest.

But don’t forget,

there is all kinds of wilderness

in us yet.



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