Sometimes I paint, untranslatable words…

Kukelure (Norwegian) To just sit there and think about things while doing nothing at all.

As much as I’d like to say I find myself doing this, often, I’m not sure that I really do. I think at stoplights, when driving, when walking, when waiting in line. Even when I’m doing yoga, I’m usually thinking, despite trying very hard not to think. I will try to today, to think, while sitting, and doing nothing at all. I will try not to pick up a pen or a brush or get up and take care of some task I just remembered. I will try to just sit. And think. That’s all (of the moon, a boat, a whale; how one can be the other). I might need to consult a Norwegian.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I paint, untranslatable words…

  1. That is quite the opposite of mindfulness – where you are so concentrated that you have no room for other thoughts. But they are both effective ways of pushing that reset button – aren’t they?

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