Poem in your Pocket Day!

We have been very busy at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School getting ready for Poem in your Pocket Day! All seven classes have poems to share this year. We will be heading out into the neighborhood Tuesday through Friday with our poems to share, come rain or come shine. Here are the Cedar and Borton rooms’ class poems. Painting by Lilly, age 4, from the Isles Room.

Bus and Gus and Us
A Rhyming, flying poem
By the Cedar Room

A car and a guitar,

A vampire and a wire.

Dinosaur bones and a phone.

Flower and gower.

Puppies and duckies, wolves and elves.

Driller dragon and tag in.

Rat and bat.

Kitty cat, bitty cat.

Lovey dovey.

Treats and Leets—what’s a leet you say,

It’s a type of elephant

That’s orange and gray.

Dance with me and Mercury!

Our Alphabet Poem
By the Borton Room

Apple, Barb, Brixton, bunny
Caroline, Calloway, carrots
Daphne, Eamon, eggs and farm
Goat, hippopotamus, ice.
Jumping jellfish! Kite kangaroo!
Lucy, marbles, mask.
Nest, open, Pippa, quack!
Ruby, stars, sparkles Terra.
Umbrella, Vivian, worm x-ray,
And a yellow zipper zebra!

Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 2021

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