Discovery Class: Gravity


By Claire’s Discovery Class

No matter how hard you push it up, gravity pulls down.  Lucia

If there’s gravity stuff comes down.  Margot

Gravity doesn’t pull trees down. George

If there was no gravity, would the ground float away?  Romy

It pulls the ground down.  Quinn

Why does gravity pull, not push? J.D.

If there was no gravity we would stay alive? Lucia

When there’s no gravity flowers float.  Romy

When there’s no gravity do lights float? George

Will gravity pull you down fast or slow? J.D.

Without gravity will your house go up? Quinn

Would things fall if there was no gravity? Lucia

Would chimneys fall down fast or slow? George

Where will the animals go if there is no gravity? J.D.

Would I fly? Quinn

Some astronauts have their beds on the ceiling.

They jump and float up to bed.  Jack

Without gravity we float in the air.  Paul

Image: The Space Station, by Quinn

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