Virtual Poem in Your Pocket

Signs of Spring

By the Calhoun Class, ages 3 and 4
By Charlotte, Louis, August, Torsten, Adam, Abraham, Locke, Lucia, Donovan, Marco, Cedar, Charlotte, Allie, Alex, Theo and Harold

Painting of Clouds, by Abraham


Birds living in trees

Smelling flowers

Bugs—little ones and a couple big ones

A really big bug as big as my hand

Eight robins

One windy day, a cloudy and rainy days and

Most of the days are sunny—one day was snowy

Trees, leaves, flowers

We do schoolwork in spring

We blow bubbles

You can play outside in spring

Seeing lots of ants on the driveway

And a bunch of ants in the yard, all together, they are friends

Special marbles, riding bikes

A bike with pedals—I know how to pedal now

I saw a construction worker walking outside in the rain with a rain jacket

I saw someone wearing shorts without a coat on

Bears are probably still hibernating

I am doing puzzles.

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