Virtual Poem in your Pocket

Our Dream House

By the Isles Classroom
Teddy, Lottie, Rosie, Teagan, Hugo, Ethan, Isla, Bea
Arthur, Emmy, and Leila

House picture by Rosie


Our dream house

has a couch and a bed

And It’s made out of wood.

There is space to make and take apart and

Make again new inventions.

It has windows and doors

And tables and chairs

and it’s built like a castle–

Its really tall.

It has 100 roofs

And a drive-through

That our moms and dads can come to

And we will give them whatever they want.

And it has dogs.  191 dogs. Labradoodles

And there are 149 levels.

It’s a hundred miles to go down

And there are puppies!

The house is made out of magnets

It has two levels and a porch

With musical instruments—

A trombone and it toots a lot.

And there is a path

That at the end

Is a trampoline.

There are stairs on the path

That lead to a slide.

A slide you slide down

And into a pool.

And there’s a


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