Discovery Class: Planets

Planets by Gavin, Emmy, Hattie, and Annika (starting with upper left, moving clockwise)

My Planet

By Gavin

It’s a planet by Pluto.

And it has dots.

And some green lines.

And a happy face.


My Planet

By Emmy


The red dots are apples

Painted on an apple tree.

The apple tree lost

Its gravity and it floated

Up into space.

The red and blue is the earth

That went with it.





Our Planet

By Hattie

This is our planet

And all our land

And our planet

Has a smile on it.


My Planet

By Annika


The purple world is the jungle.

And the orange world is doggy world.

The green is shark island.

The red is lava volcano land.

The yellow is the sun

Shining on us

Every day.

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