Writing From Roseau

Poems from 5th Hour

Roseau High School, Sophomore Class

The Wind

By Sierra Detweiler

The wind,



In sorrow

Like the end of the world



It is like this

By Damien Larson


A once lively place

With a beautiful sunrise

Those that weren’t there

Climbed the trees not

To far from the house.


The once lively children

Moping about while the

Summer sun floats off

In the distance.


Much can be said

About the paint on

The side of the




By Zach Jaenicke

Hitting the

Asphalt, my

Right shoulder was



The Sharp Pain Occurring

By Nolan Hanson

A push needed to get to the end

Nothing left to give

You huff and puff through it all

Your body feels like it can’t go any more

You obtain the one thing you wanted

Relief comes over you

You can relax now.

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