Writing From Roseau

Poems from 1st Hour

Roseau High School, Sophomore Class

Naming the Stars

By Ethan Tesarek


Strange star



Brightest star.


The Woods

By Jared Ostroski


So peaceful and plentiful

Tree, plants, bushes and berries

An occasional scared squirrel

The scrunching of stale sticks

The beautiful sight f the wonderful woods

The crisp cool air in your lungs

Then it comes to an end.


The Lake

By David Nelson


The lake is calm, cool in the morning

Not a sound om the lake

Except the laughter we have.

Three hours later everyone

On the lake is very vivacious

Skiing and tubing—how treacherous

The fall.



By Trevor Sprague


As a baseball player it is like this

Touching that field.

Uniform on

Ready to touch that ball

Hoping you don’t mess up

You hear the ting

The ball is in the air

You start running

Almost there

You leap and reach out

The ball is in your glove.


In the Early Morning

By Aiden Braun

In the early morning

The orchard was quiet


The chickens were outside

Clucking and pecking away


It was a nice place

Quiet by not too dull


It was dry as always

The dirt cried for water.


As the sun set

The chickens slept.



By Aiden Kompelien


Its packed

A new movie has come out

People get rowdy as the workers rush


Fresh smell of popcorn

Beautiful and buttery, slightly salty


Now to find a seat

The chairs are squeaky

Comfy and cool.


The movie begins

Blaring bass fills the room.

The audience is left heartbroken

At the end.



By Tristan Anderson


Memories woven through everything

A sandbox, long overtaken by weeds

A garden given up on, for surplus rainfall.

Underneath the house where eight puppies were born.

My bedroom, so many forts erected there.

The dining room, where I learned to count.

Dancing on our Wii in the living room.

The driveway, missing the bus a couple times.

My home, where so many memories lie.


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