Writing From Roseau

Poems by 4th Hour

Roseau Community School, Sophomore Class



By Marc Bristow


When it comes to racing

Some people only think about a car going

In a big circle or going fast.

But it’s not, it’s an elegant dance

Between man and machine.

Like every racer, their car is unique in

Their own way

Not just by their paint job

But by the way they sound.

That sound that you hear

Is not just a sound

It’s a voice

That it is using to talk to the


Some people can’t hear

The voices

But I can and its

Telling me to go faster

And keep dreaming.



By Judd Ginther

Great illumination

Lights up the

Outer, unknown




By Faith Berger





Needs soft care

Don’t drop

Don’t scuff

Don’t scratch

Don’t smudge

Don’t break.



By Jordyn Bergstrom



Every thought, they say its going to be okay


Right, what if it is not?



By Connor Eidsmoe


Big and noticeable


In front of your eyes

Grateful we are for it

Here in



The Clock Ticks

By Keirstin Lisell


The clock ticks

I’m slipping away, losing myself, becoming

Covered in a daze.

The clock tocks. I

Open my eyes best I can, but the

Clock on the wall doesn’t stop

Going deeper into a memory.

One I will never forget

Every time I close my eyes

Summer time fills my head

The bright sun, the beaches,

Humming to songs on the radio while fishing on the dock.

Everything is calm, smooth, but the

Clock keeps going. I

Let myself slip deeper and deeper, never

Opening my eyes. The clock

Ticks and tocks, but I go back to tying


On the boat for my grandpa

Only knowing one,

Never getting it right.

Tick tock goes the clock, its

Heavenly rhythm causing my haze

Everything is sunny and warm

I am so deep in thought

And everything is

Like I want it to be, steady, simple just

Like a clock on the wall.


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