Sometimes I Paint

On a Winter’s Day


You with your hummingbird hands

That defy both time and gravity

carry me off to some uncharted

land of persimmons

And hibiscus flowers so large

We joke about moving in.

Desire is huge, but to fulfill it

Requires only a sip, a thrust

soft as dew on a petal

hard as stone upon stone.


Elemental, poems written to the Periodic table

Elemental, by Julia Klatt Singer, is a set of poems written to the Periodic table. They are poems based on the nature and properties of the elements, and how they become a part of our lives, both lived and imagined. Like the Periodic table itself, they are about relationships, and what is triggered in the nearness of one another. Price includes shipping and handling



Untranslatable elegantly teases from the background of global human experience a persistent cross-cultural desire to describe accurately, with dignity, beauty, and a subtle humor, all the varieties and vagaries of life. From "Donald Ducking" in Hungary to the Japanese take on buying books and not reading them to the Hopi word describing nature out of balance, Ms. Singer's cleanly crafted poetry, inherently tactile, smelling of earth and riding on a current of reserved wisdom, laces together the intimate experiences of the individual with our cultural attempts to understand and communicate.


A Tangled Path to Heaven

The poems in A Tangled Path to Heaven are direct, loving, an wise elegies that tell a universal tale of our world, a life, an a family. These poems explore the imprecision of love, its center and transparency.


In the Dreamed of Places

Julia Klatt Singer's first chapbook of poems center on nature and what it means to be alive. Published by Naissance Press


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