Discovery Class

In Discovery Class, the children are exploring the world through science, technology, engineering, art, and math. They are asking questions and experimenting with concepts. This month we’ve been discovering gravity.

By the Discovery Class


Gravity brings things down.

It is good to see how it works.

Why does the word gravity have the word grav in it?  Tess

Gravity is on the bottom on the earth. Caroline

Gravity falls.  Lucas

If there wasn’t any gravity, everything would go up!  Otto

Stuff falls down in Minecraft—just like in life!  Grant

Everything on earth would float to outer space if we didn’t have gravity.  Luella

When there is zero gravity it lifts you off the ground.  Nate


Flying makes me feel dizzy and I ask why is it snowing up here? Then I see its clouds.  Cora

Planes fly up, then sideways, then down.  Frieda

I have gravity.  Ruby


It does pull things down.  Ellis

The paint is dripping like slime. Gravity makes it go down.  Lyla

The paper fell down. Gravity.  Felix.

How do you lighten gravity?  Flynn

Gravity makes the water drip.  Peter

Gravity does suck things down. Althea

Things would fly up and float.  Morgan

And gravity is done. Haaken

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