Poet & Thief

Hydrogen  H, 1
There are days she can feel time on her skin
how it moves, and gives, and is the furthest thing
From constant.

Planets and celestial objects
are attracted to each other
by gravity–
yet, the lightest things

draw her; the scent of creosote, jasmine, ash,
the nodding heads of tiger lilies,
the filament of knowing–
Look carefully and you’ll see

the remnant of stars buried in the needles,
pinpricks of light
to see us through the darkest days,
the bluest night.

Elemental, poems written to the Periodic table

Elemental, by Julia Klatt Singer, is a set of poems written to the Periodic table. They are poems based on the nature and properties of the elements, and how they become a part of our lives, both lived and imagined. Like the Periodic table itself, they are about relationships, and what is triggered in the nearness of one another. Price includes shipping and handling


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