Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s poems are from Ellie Hedlund, Kacie Borowicz, and Ella Helgeson.

By Ellie Hedlund

Lilly; playful, running around

In circles. Lazy; sleeping the day

Away while I am at school. Loving;

Follows me around. Sleeps on my bed

Waits by the door when I come home.

Pretty; King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, white

And golden brown.


by Kacie Borowicz



Three girls sharing a victory

Emotional, bittersweet.

Hugging as the final seconds slip away.

But, this picture doesn’t show their story

Not the dedication, hard work, long hours, fights, or setbacks

Not the losses, the tears, or the years.

Only the outcome.



Grandpa and Grandma’s House
By Madasun Fulton


Old dusty staircase


family photos flooding the wall

on show for who enters this home


a fireplace to keep you warm

when you are feeling so cold


a yellow swingset

you played on once upon a time


now, coming back at 16

realizing the things you’ve since missed
at grandma and grandpa’s house.


Confusion like the ocean
By Ella Helgeson


Stranded boats

In a vast color of blue


Waves crashing on each other

Not knowing what direction to go


Everything looks the same

For miles on end


Nowhere to go now

Except down


Until a small strip of land appears

And everything becomes clear.



Grandma’s Playhouse
By Ellie Hedlund


It is like this-

climbing up the wooden steps

that brings you to the magic

door that opens up to a mysterious new world.

The colorful walls and portraits

that my cousin and I painted when

we were young. The cash register

sitting on the table when we would

pretend to play “store.” The creaking

sound from climbing back down from

the wooden playhouse.

It was the hardest goodbye.

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