Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s poems from 3rd hour are from Abigail Danielson, Ella Helgeson, Ben M., Madasun Fulton, Ashley Mellstrom, Wyatt C., Jacob L., Shelby H., Austyn B., and Eric H.

The Sun
By Abigail Danielson

Happy and golden

Shining in my hair

I feel the glowing warmth on my skin

The bubbling soda on my lips

Sweet, sticky, cold.


Shining and warm

Burning the ground

I feel the hot sand on my toes

The cool water that I’ve reached

Gentle wind

Blowing softly, cooling my skin.


Kissing and innocent

Dancing in the street

I feel the rocky gravel on naked heels

The crackling dry dirt on gardening hands

Music playing

Country, twangy, harmonious.


These are the summer days

Happy and golden.


A Picture
By Ella Helgeson

A picture worth a thousand words

Thick snowflakes fall

As we glide down slopes.


Happiness permeates through me

As I experience the thrill

Of rushing down the Rocky Mountains.


My mom, already at the bottom

Of the mountain snaps a picture

Of me and my sister.


Pure joy is written

All over our faces

Captured in a moment.


By Ben M.

Riffling, shuffling, dealing

Red, red, black

King, ace, jack.

21 blackjack as night wastes

Crisp snapping of the cards

Hands tense as I call

25 points. I lost

So frustrating but worth the cost

You may have chips

But luck isn’t bought.

We play till all the chips are lost.


By Madasun Fulton

Doors open

Escaping into the sun

Sipping pink lemonade

Relaxing into the refreshing pool

Turning red under the blistering sun



By Ashley Mellstrom

I finish my homework at the dining room table.

It’s 9 o’clock.

I call your name

But you don’t come round.

My ears strain, listening for a voice

The sound of footsteps,


You remain still.  In your absence

I retreat to my bedroom

And there you are, on my bed.

It’s bedtime, your eyes seem to say.

I run my hand through your wavy fur.

You are a good boy.



By Wyatt C.


Really waiting.




Am I afraid?

I’m ready.

This is a Saturday.

I’m waiting to preform

In the speech competition;

With my legs crossed,

My body covered by a business suit.

All these people too.

They are all thinking

The same thing,



A Fisherman’s Prize
By Jacob Lindemann

Water still like glass.

Wind an icy cool.

Frogs to crickets loud as a storm approaching.

Sun arising from its deep sleep

With a yawn of color.

A reel turns rapidly.

A splash to break the glass.


By Austyn B.

From the moment, the plane

Left the snowy ground

Of Hecter International Airport

In Fargo, North Dakota

To the moment

We were cruising through

The air, over the puffy white

Clouds to


The moment the plane

Started circling around

The airport, trying to

Find the best way to

Land, was the moment

I realized that I was

About to have the best

Vacation of my life.


The Wind
By Shelby H.

The wind is soft and sends shivers

Down my back

The world around is silent, all but

The leaves on the trees and the rivers

Water running calm

And peacefully, sitting, waiting.


The Great Wall
By Eric H.

The two hour drive from

Beijing, listening to the cab driver

Rumble on in Chinese.


The vast security checkpoints to go

Through, getting bossed around by

Chinese guards.


The almost tropical weather, getting

Muggier as the day goes on.


The long walk to the cable car

Station, along the grey, desolate

Path crowded with a blur of people.


The ten minute cable car ride

To the top of the mountain.


The grueling, ruthless flight of stairs

That are so steep they might as well

Be a ladder.


And finally, I have arrived.


The Great Wall of China.


This is really happening, but it feels

As if I’m dreaming.


The view is breathtaking.

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