Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s poems are from Hunter Nelson, Cody Vonasek, Oliver Lee, Codie Rahier, Grant Helgeland, Tanner Otto, and Ashley Watts.

By Ashley Watts

The shirt hanging in the closet

That wants to get out but almost

Never does.

“I want to see the world”

It thinks

It wants to be worn

To the beach

To concerts

To school

To the movies

On a date

To feel the wind

To soak up the sun

To be complimented on its color

To be appreciated

Not to sit in a dusty closet on a hanger

In the dark.

“I want to see the world.”


It’s Time to Go
By Tanner Otto

It’s time to go

Just before the golden sunrise

I zip up my bulky, black jacket

And tie on my boots.

The door opens like a portal

Revealing the morning light.

The birds chirping.

The smell of the dew on the grass.

A slow-paced walk to the wood’s edge.

It’s time to go for a morning walk.


By Grant Helgeland

White, with red seams,3 balls and 2 strikes

What is the pitcher going to throw,

A fastball that whistles right by you

Or a curveball that spins like

The earth on its axis,

Maybe a changeup that floats

Like it was in space.


By Codie Rahier


A color that can’t rhyme

A fruit that doesn’t shine

The orange had a dream to be

A lemon-lime


By Oliver Lee

Waves in the lake

Trying to get our attention

But no one seems to notice

Until they get bigger

With anger and might

And so people realize it’s

Time to go, when all the

Waves wanted was some attention

Of their own.


By Cody Vonasek

Extremely useful

Everyday life

Mile after mile

The old girl

Never let me down

Bad gas mileage

But a lot of fun

Go anywhere

Do anything

Four wheel-drive

The rumble of the big


Man do I love trucks.


By Hunter Nelson

Hunting, the weird feeling, being all alone in the woods

The cold November wind stinging my face

The crunch of leaves under my boot

The cold metal bars of the rusty door hinges

The smell of fresh pine needles in the air

The soft leather chair under me

The beautiful orange sunrise; hunting.



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