Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Featuring writing from Emma Waling, Hunter Nelson, Ashley Watts, and Alexa Kihle, in Ms. Olsen’s 5th hour class.

By Emma Waling

Chill out on the couch

Maybe shut your eyes

Don’t think because

You don’t need to

Just rest and do nothing

Don’t move or create

Strain in your muscles

Relax. Its peaceful

Where you are.


By Hunter Nelson

Such a great feeling

Fills you up inside

Makes you feel good

Makes me feel at home.


My Backyard
By Ashley Watts

Trees. Tall trees, short trees, trees.

Some have cones, some have leaves.

Towering above the house, or cowering

And hiding among others.

Animals. The horses, dogs, cats, birds

Of all kinds are communicating with others of

Doing their own thing. Tagging along on walks

Down the driveway on Sundays.

Wind. Wind for flying kites as a child.

Wind carrying the smell of dew

In the morning &

The smell of freshly cut grass

In the afternoon.

Picnic tables. Carrying plates of hotdogs

And burgers from the grill.

Prayer and faith. Whispers of praise float

Up from the grass and trees and from that

Picnic table when we say grace.

Memories.  Looking back at every footprint

That was ever made there.  Generations

Of children, grandchildren and even great

Grandchildren who’ve grownup on this farm.

Home. The small 3-bedroom home where

My mom was raised and where I was raised.

The house perfectly placed in a field

Surrounded by trees. Small but big enough

To fit a million memories.


By Alexa Kihle

She’s wild

Her beauty is known

Her upbeat style shines

She’s confident

Her eyes sparkle in the moonlight

Her noise can be heard

She’s sassy

Her head is held higher than the stars

Her charcoal black coat radiates her beauty

She’s elegant

Her hooves click, click, click when she trots

Her mane blows in the summer wind

She’s outgoing

Her tail swishes at my presence

Her nicker fills my ears with warmth

She’s curious

Her heart yearns for adventure

Her head bobbles as she watches me

She’s my world

And I’m her everything.

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