Three & Four

It’s November and that means I’m working in Monta and Sharon’s class with their three and four years-olds. Sonny, Amelia, Calvin, Henry and Nora have been doing some thinking and writing poems.  And Savannah has been painting. 

I’m Thinking

By Sonny


I’m thinking.

I know different ways, don’t I?

Up and down.

Up and down.

Walking and thinking.

I’m thinking

These pancakes

Are really hot.


This is a Heart Village

By Amelia


This is a heart village.

The people are made out of hearts.

The bird

The sun

The flowers

Even the bugs

Are hearts.


Nothing Poem

By Calvin, Henry and Nora


We do nothing

when we are doing nothing.


We sit,

doing nothing.


Wait! We do something!

We do everything!


But we love doing nothing!

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