Writing from the road, Susan Lindgren Elementary School

This week I was lucky enough to spend two days working at Susan Lindgren Elementary School in St. Louis Park, in the 3rd grade. They were great fun to write and talk poetry with.

By Lili
Grade 3



Splat! Drat! Hate messy house. Whee! Skate

Around on toys cars on the ground. Fun. Dangerous

Good for hide and seek. Take a break to clean.

Sister plays with toys, dumps everything out. Messy again.

Ants crawl around. Food on the ground. Hard

To get around with stuff on the ground. Mom comes

Upstairs, says Oh My! Then you see your sister

Run and hide. She moves the toys under her bed.

Mom says What Happened Here! I tell her. I feel

trouble near. Time out. Messy.

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