Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

7th Hour

by Brett Erickson

175 grams

plain plastic

calm colors

so simple

but so much fun.



The Final Frontier
by Gabe Gracza

The final frontier

The high heavens

Where the sun shines

and planets spin

Bright blinding light

Surrounded by


Alone. Left to die

a cold death in

the deep of space.

The sun on your face.

The earth at your back.


Love Like Wind
by Shaylin Kartes

It flows through the air

impossible to see.

Noticeable only by watching the people affected by it.


It comes softly, silently

then reaches through the Earth

Loud and strong

taking away all of the dead leaves and broken sticks

leaving behind something that is completely whole.


It cools you down when you’re hot

leaves you feeling breathless and excited

begins as a calm, becomes a wild storm

the settles to a peaceful, quiet joy.


Hope of Light
by IDD

The light of hope shines through the dark

like a lantern through the night.


Its light in a heart, for its not to

fear the dark.


Its light shines through the eye

so all may see.


Its light illuminates one’s path

to one’s destiny.


How Relaxation is like Rain
by Ryden Jacobson


It can make you feel good.

Makes you not want anything else in your life.

Makes you want to enjoy every breath.

We need it once or twice a week.


Courage is Like Fire
by Riley Butler

Its hard to start without the proper tool.

It can be suppressed.

It can be built up over time.

It can be nothing but embers.

It can be a life taker.

Most importantly a tool of change.



Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
by Geofu R.


I didn’t know that I loved sand.

The way it crumbles and gives

way under my feet, feeling like

soft sandpaper caressing my toes.


I didn’t know I loved fear,

the way it makes me heart drop

or race. Always freezing my hair

on end, yet making me

yearn for more.


I didn’t know I loved laughing,

the way it tickles me and makes

my jolly, the way it makes me

sore, but making me

love that special sore

that I’m always wanting more of.





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