The Poems in our Pockets

Poems from Grace Neighborhood Nursery School, April 2016
Claire and Carla’s Morning Class


Where we could put a poem


We could put a poem

In a box, in a book, on a picture,

In a sculpture,

In a turtle’s house.


We could wear them–

Designs on our clothes.

We could put them on a plant,

On a palm poem tree,

On a hat–

In a hat!


In a jar, on the wall,

In our classroom,

Put them on a paper plane and fly them!

Put them on a present,

Put them in a rocketship!

Put them on a waterslide

So we could read them as we go by!

In a tent, take them camping,

Deliver them like mail,

In a submarine, for the fish

To read. (they’d need to be waterproof)


On a wagon, in a bag, make them into mobiles.

We could put them in our pockets,

Carry them in our hands,

And give them

to someone

we know.

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