Sometimes I paint, untranslatable words…

Cynefin (Welsh) A place where a person or even an animal feels it ought to live. It is where nature around you feels right and welcoming.

Found Poem
from Delta Wedding, by Eudora Welty
Still there was no answer, but no running away either.
It’s luck I found you,
A whole mystery of life opened up.
Has she hoped for this beauty?
Enjoying the idea of herself
A wild run-away girl.
Do not fight the world.
Let it in,
Colors vivid and thunderclouded.
Here we are,
reflected there,
visible to everything.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I paint, untranslatable words…

  1. I knew there was a reason why I should learn welsh – what a word – that one hit me right in the heart

    Sendt fra iPaddington


  2. What a mystical painting – you can make it into any place you want to (any place with mountains – but every place should have mountains ;0))

    Sendt fra iPaddington


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